Fishing passion… A real love affair

Koh Lipe offers great spot for those of us who have a passion for fishing. Thanks to an under water world that gives enormous satisfactions because the ocean sea all around Koh Lipe, is a perfect habitat for the sailfish, barracuda, mackerel, gt, cobia, snapper, bonito, and grouper.

Over the years, thanks to the experience of the Captains of Family Song Fishing Crew, we have earned the prestigious reputation of being one of the best and most well-equipped fishing center of Koh Lipe. We have basic equipment for those who are beginners or want to try the experience of ocean fishing with an affordable budget, but we provide also the most professional equipment, for the most demanding and experienced anglers.

We are strongly specialized in sailfish fishing, in drifting with live bait, but we also have equipment for trolling and, for the more experienced, we offer even rods for vertical jigging, and the bottom fishing for the less experienced. Every day we have the classic boats Thai, to carry out fishing 2\3 people per boat. Recommend booking online, or on site with at least 1-2 days in advance. To fully enjoy a good day of fishing, we recommend you go out all day, leaving at 9-9: 30 am, but we can also organize outings for half a day starting at 1 pm. Request fishing trips may include meals and cool drinks with an ice box. The outputs for the whole day last about 7-8 hours, while the half-day last about 4 hours. The fishing spots vary of course depending on the weather, and the type of fishing you intend to do. We will be happy to let you taste the fish caught, the same evening in our Family Restaurant. A dinner on the beach really delicious and full of traditional character. The costs of the outputs start at 3,000 baht, total for two people for half a day trolling and basic equipment. Costs will vary by the types of fishing and equipment required. The third person in the boat will pay 1,000 baht. The Meal Box for one person costs 500 baht and consists of: 1 fried rice 1 fruit salad 2 large bottles of water 2 drinks 1 box for ice NB: The Meal Box is not included in the price, it is to be considered as extras. The reservation requires payment in advance, if you use paypal with a surcharge of 5% for commissions. Contact us for a quote and reservations…